Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok in the Ip Man Tong, Foshan in September 2012
Grandmaster Kwok’s official bio is here on his website. He is a world renowned exponent of Ip Man’s Wing Chun and has dedicated over 40 years to teaching and promoting the style in the UK and globally.

On a personal level, I have been proud to call GM Kwok my Sifu since 2004. He has been an inspiration in both his martial arts ability and teaching and in his generosity of spirit. Nothing is held back from the dedicated and inquisitive student.

From his many trips to Scotland and the Hamilton kwoon, to his home in Blackpool, to Hong Kong and Foshan, my Sifu's tuition has always demonstrated his commitment to propagating the original spirit of Ip Man's Wing Chun.

The best way I can acknowledge the effort he has put into my own tuition is to pay it forward to my own students.