Sifu Sandy Teenan

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok and Sifu Sandy Teenan in China
I started my martial arts journey in earnest in 1993, having previously dabbled in Shotokan in my early years. At Strathclyde University, I started training in Zhuan Shu Kuan with Tom Hamilton (more on Tom under the Lineage section). I passed my black belt in November 2001 - I still have the two halves of the brick and half of the bottom of the 12 tiles as souvenirs of the day - and started teaching the style at Strathclyde University as Tom's further education took him down to Manchester.

In 2004, I started learning Wing Chun with Tom under Samuel Kwok, travelling regularly to Blackpool to spend long, enjoyable Sundays training in Sifu's garage and garden. After over 11 years, the journey is still as fresh and full of possibility as it ever was!

Please feel free to get in touch and arrange to come along to a class to experience what we as a club and an association are all about.